Conclusion to Why Freightliner - Freightliner Trucks

Vocational Focus

Delivering real value for your business, RCO considerations apply to vocational trucks, too, and not just in terms of quality, fuel efficiency, safety, connectivity and uptime. Particularly when it comes to productivity and upfit, monitoring RCO factors is increasingly beneficial to the vocational segment.



Freightliner work trucks are dependable, efficient and well-equipped to help you get the job done right the first time, with a range of powerful engines to meet demanding job conditions.


Freightliner works closely with truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs) offering hundreds of smart spec’ing solutions. Available cab configurations, customizable chassis, and simple wiring interfaces enable efficient and fast upfits.

Freightliner Delivers

Simultaneous leadership across two commercial trucking industry segments didn’t happen overnight. With a concerted effort to prioritize quality through innovation, a dedication to advancing trucking down to a science, inspired by technology and driven by a passion to perpetually create the best commercial trucks available for consumers, Freightliner delivers.