10 Signs You May Live in a Hardest Working City

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People who use and operate vocational trucks aren’t afraid of hard work. They’re the ones who keep our cities moving, growing, and thriving. That’s why we created the Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working Cities award.

This award is to honor the people driving dump trucks on construction sites, repairing power lines in bucket trucks 150 feet in the air, and caring for patients en route to the local hospital in dependable ambulances. We tip our hard hats to you - the sources of innovation and job creation who often go without thanks.

Next month, Freightliner Trucks will unveil the next four Hardest Working Cities in North America at the 2016 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. The cities will join Dallas, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Toronto, which were named as 2015 recipients of the Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working Cities honor.

The cities were determined by conducting an exhaustive review of approximately 400 metropolitan census areas in the United States and Canada in 11 different data categories. And it just so happens that we found a direct correlation between the cities with high productivity and markets with high vocational truck sales, which is where Freightliner comes in.

Here are 10 signs that you may live in one of Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working Cities:

  1. You automatically add 30 minutes onto your ETA to account for roadwork delays.
  2. There are so many construction projects underway that your state bird should be changed to the crane.
  3. You’ve been stuck behind an “oversize load” and forced to follow a truck that’s clearly marked “construction vehicle — do not follow” one too many times.
  4. Your city is giving NYC a run for its money as “the city that never sleeps” because of all the brightly lit nighttime projects.
  5. You’ve become a master at weaving through heavy traffic.
  6. Apartment buildings are popping up on every corner — and filling up before they even open their doors.
  7. Everywhere you look is the color orange, from traffic cones to detour signs to safety vests. It’s like you permanently live in Halloweentown.
  8. You’ve invested in an audiobook subscription service to entertain you in rush-hour traffic.
  9. Scaffolding is such a common sight that you barely recognize the neighborhood once it’s taken down.
  10. Detours have helped you learn the back way to just about everywhere you need to go.

Stay tuned for our announcement of the next four Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working Cities. If you’ll be at World of Concrete, be sure to stop by booth #5435 February 3rd at 5:00pm for our big announcement and enjoy some complimentary refreshments. If you won’t be at the show, don’t worry — we’ll share the next four cities on our social media channels, so follow along at facebook.com/freightliner and on Twitter @freightliner to see if your city made the list.