3 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Commercial Truck Visibility

Freightliner Trucks

Commercial truck driving visibility is an important factor to consider when deciding which truck you want to purchase. However, it can be difficult to know which truck has the best driving visibility. When you are considering which commercial truck has the best driving visibility, evaluate the following factors:

  1. Mirrors
  2. LED headlights in Cascadia
  3. Reflectors


Having mirrors that are securely attached and correctly positioned are crucial when evaluating commercial truck visibility. If mirrors are securely attached, not only can they vibrate causing an annoyance while driving, but they also run the risk of falling off completely. Having a loose mirror can also cause you to receive a negative mark on your D.O.T. inspection, so be sure to check this regularly.

As the main mirrors, your side-view mirrors should allow you to see the edge of your cab, the trailer side, most of the lanes on either side of your truck. All side mirrors should allow all of the other mirrors to pick up visibility where the other mirrors fall short. Hood mirrors are also crucial for commercial truck visibility since they add clarity for blind spots on both sides of the hood, cab, and sleeper. Finally, the above-door mirror will allow you to see the blind spot below the passenger door.

LED headlights

In 2013 Freightliner Trucks introduced high-performance LED headlights into the Cascadia, raising the standard in commercial truck driving visibility. The difference between LED headlights and traditional headlights is obvious within minutes of being on the road. For example, street signs are easier to read due to the increased brightness and decrease glare. Additionally, they are able to provide this increased brightness without blinding oncoming traffic.


Reflectors are another important feature that allow commercial trucks to be seen properly at night and in conditions with poor visibility. Make sure that the commercial truck you are evaluating has reflectors on the back and sides of the vehicles. This creates an increase in commercial truck driving visibility that will help prevent accidents at night, in the rain or snow, and while driving on tunnels or winding roads.

If you make sure that you evaluate the mirrors, headlights, and reflectors when decided which truck to purchase, you can rest assured know that you made a sound decision in regards to commercial truck visibility. To learn more about the visibility of Freightliner Trucks, contact a dealer here.