5 Stone-Cold Reasons to Fight Winter with Freightliner Snowplows


Behind the wheel of a snowplow, you’re up against more than low visibility and covered roads. You’re trying to keep entire cities moving and open for business.

To take on this challenge, snowplow fleets count on the durability, safety and comfort of the Freightliner 108SD and 114SD trucks—and here are five reasons you should, too.

  1. Optimum visibility. Maximum productivity.

    Visibility isn’t always ideal in winter weather. Thanks to a 2,500-square-inch windshield with an optional heating element and strategically placed defroster vents, the 108SD and 114SD make sure you have the clearest view of the road possible.

  2. Durability in the harshest environments.

    In a snowplow, you’re not just battling snow. You’re also fighting the potential for rust. That’s why the 108SD and 114SD offer the option of heavy single frame rails. Compared to double frame rails, single frame rails are much less prone to corrosion over the years from de-icing salt. As a result, they can reduce your real cost of ownership (RCO) over the lifetime of your vehicle. The 108SD and 114SD are also available with 12- and 24-foot integral front frame extensions, which are necessary for installing a plow to the front of your truck.

  3. Well-built cabs for hard, everyday work.

    Freightliner trucks undergo a variety of virtual and physical tests to ensure that they have what it takes to conquer any job. That means every truck’s cab is built to our highest standards. Lightweight and durable, the cabs of the 108SD and 114SD are made with corrosion-resistant aluminum and reinforced with e-coated steel, so you can take on any challenge for years to come.

  4. Better comfort for higher productivity.

    Maximizing productivity isn’t just about durability. It’s also about comfort. Freightliner’s spacious and wide cabs allow drivers to operate snowplow trucks with ease. The 108SD and 114SD also feature a wraparound-style, wing dash that places more accessories and switches within the driver’s reach.

  5. Efficient, forward-thinking power.

    The 114SD offers two natural gas options: the Cummins® Westport L9N 8.9-liter engine or the Cummins Westport ISX12N 11.9-liter engine. With near-zero emissions, natural gas trucks are designed to help increase productivity and decrease environmental impact. Compared to diesel, the low and stable price of natural gas can also save fleets on fuel costs. In addition, dealer promotions and government tax credits may be available to reduce the cost of acquiring natural gas vehicles.

When the pressure’s on to keep winter at bay, Freightliner trucks offer durability, safety and productivity you can count on. They never miss a beat, so you don’t have to either.