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The Cascadia heavy duty truck cab represents one of the top options available to businesses searching for the ideal balance between comfort, safety and efficiency. It has stacked up to the competition well, yielding exceptional reviews. From almost immediate cost savings to smoother transmission to fuel economy, Freightliner heavy duty truck reviews offer numerous success stories to those who are in the market for a cab.

Cost Savings

Purchasing a heavy duty truck is no small task. Owner/operators who invest in such a large asset want to ensure their truck cab serves its purposes safely and comfortably, all while turning a profit.

Companies like Beck Industrial, a concrete mixer manufacturer and final body installers for Tex-Mix, was able to reduce their Real Cost of OwnershipSM by purchasing Freightliner truck cabs. Fowler Trucking, a husband and wife driving team, was able to save money and increase uptime with a Cascadia® Evolution cab. Not only were the Fowlers able to improve connectivity potential; they saved $13,000 in fuel costs alone during the first six months after their Freightliner purchase. Because this model comes equipped with an onboard diagnostic system, Fowler Trucking was able to reduce repair costs and streamline maintenance issue identification. Complete service tracking via an integrated On-Board Tablet cuts down on the time owners and operators have to dedicate towards discussing service logs, completed maintenance tasks, etc. This increases on-highway time, profitable revenue and quality heavy duty truck reviews other businesses can utilize during their own shopping period.


Automatic Transmission & Fuel Economy

Today, many trucks out on the road have a manual transmission, requiring the driver to shift gears. However, Don Headrick, Owner of Tradewinds Transportation, stated, “After they’ve been in the Cascadia Evolution for just a week [our drivers] say the same thing: 'I don't want to go back to shifting'." Built with a powerful Detroit® DT12® automated transmission, the Cascadia Evolution has proven to be a great investment for Headrick, resulting in positive heavy duty truck reviews.

Detroit DT12 Automatic Transmission

Alongside smoother transitions and improved driving ability, Tradewinds Transportation lauds Cascadia’s fuel efficiency. Within a year of ownership, Headrick approximated that for every Cascadia Evolution model purchased, his company saved between $20 and $22,000.

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