Harnessing the Powerful Advantages of the Freightliner eM2 for Your Business

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Staying competitive takes a mix of efficiency and innovation – and an increasing commitment to sustainability. When considering your fleet’s next step forward, consider the Freightliner eM2 and the power that its many advantages can bring.

The Future of the Medium-Duty Electric Truck

Building Electric Confidence

The Freightliner® eM2 is a testament to the power of electric propulsion in the commercial sector and the confidence that the right electric partner can provide. Because once you've experienced the eM2, there's no looking back.

With exceptional driver comfort, an impressive 100% torque from 0 MPH and significantly reduced maintenance needs, the eM2 makes a strong case for the possibilities of electric truck fleets.

Driver Comfort

By eliminating the need for a traditional engine, the electric powertrain provides an exceptionally smooth ride. No cab vibration, no diesel fumes – just quieter, more comfortable operations. The eM2 comes standard with premium cab insulation, which not only reduces road noise but also takes comfort to the next level.


Equipped with a two-speed transmission within the Detroit® eAxle, the eM2 delivers 100% torque from 0 mph, giving drivers a smooth acceleration curve for unmatched responsiveness. Its low center of gravity ensures excellent handling, while safeguarding against load shifting.


With fewer moving components than its diesel counterpart, the eM2 keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum. There is no engine oil to change, no aftertreatment system to "regen," and brake pads last longer due to reliance on regenerative braking. These factors collectively reduce routine maintenance intervals, making the eM2 a more cost-effective and sustainable choice for businesses and the environment.

Total Cost of Ownership

Depending on the region of deployment, the grants and incentives available, combined with lower fuel costs and reduced maintenance over time, and total cost of ownership (TCO) can be competitive with diesel trucks.

The eM2 performs the same tasks as its diesel counterpart, but with zero emissions, elevating overall driver experience and your commitment to sustainability.

Exploring Use Cases

From urban deliveries to last-mile logistics, the eM2 is engineered to excel in a variety of applications. The truck's impressive range and versatile design make it adaptable to short- and medium-distance transportation needs.

Urban Deliveries and Last-Mile Logistics

Vehicles completing urban deliveries and last-mile logistics have driving patterns defined by frequent stops, traffic signals, and intermittent acceleration. In order to take advantage of regular braking, the eM2 features driver-adjustable recuperation, also known as regenerative braking. Recuperation helps the batteries of the eM2 and other electric semi trucks recharge on the go by sending kinetic energy back from the wheels through the e-motors to the inverter and all the way back to the batteries.

Hub and Spoke Applications

The eM2 was designed with hub and spoke applications in mind, meaning the vehicle starts at a central location, completes its route, and returns to the same location for charging overnight during off-peak hours. This type of route can help keep energy costs low, and operating costs even lower.

Ideal route lengths for such applications are typically around 125 miles. This distance strikes the right balance between maximizing daily running miles to get the most out of the vehicle while also allowing drivers to keep it below 80% state-of-charge to maximize battery lifespan.

Class 6 vs. Class 7

With two configurations to choose from, the Class 6 single motor and the dual motor Class 7, the eM2 can be tailored to meet the needs of many applications.

When driven in Economy Mode, the Class 6 delivers 190 continuous horsepower for the entirety of your duty cycle, regardless of battery charge. If desired, drivers can boost that to 220 horsepower by switching to Performance Mode. The Class 7 comes with a dual motor eAxle that delivers 255 continuous horsepower in Economy mode and 300 in Performance Mode.

Designing the eM2 to Work for You

Like everything we do at Freightliner, your needs drive our efforts. This approach was particularly true in the development of the eM2, as we utilized a Customer Experience (CX) Fleet and Electric Innovation Fleet to obtain real-world insights and refine the vehicle’s design.

Both fleets were a part of Freightliner’s ongoing co-creation initiative that engaged customers in the commercial electric vehicle development process by deploying trucks in real-world applications.

During this extensive four-year collaboration, our vehicles accumulated over 1.5 million miles, running in various use cases, topographies and climates, which uncovered valuable feedback that led to significant design enhancements catering to our customers' requirements.

Built for Work – From the Inside Out

Specifically, we learned that having a full, digital human-machine interface (HMI) in the vehicle allows for better integration of eMobility features that are crucial when operating an electric semi truck. Drivers are not only able to have full insight into how their vehicle is operating at any given moment, but also full control of its functions. This technology, located in the B panel in the center console, helps drivers and fleet managers understand how to improve their truck’s performance and energy efficiency – and ultimately lower costs.

Made for Versatile Charging

Charging interoperability was another big piece of what we learned, which is why we designed the eM2 to be brand-agnostic. The eM2 is compatible with any CCS1 DC charger, so you are able to access the resources you need without second-guessing.

Most importantly, this partnership provided us with insights into the challenges associated with the widespread adoption of battery-electric commercial vehicles, making the continuation of this partnership with customers crucial, especially as we navigate toward a zero-emission future in commercial trucking.

Unleashing Business Potential

The eM2 is a versatile, powerful tool that can help companies meet stringent regulatory requirements. As certain regions implement zero-emissions zones, the eM2's significance becomes even more pronounced.

Cities such as Portland and Santa Monica have taken the lead in establishing such zones, signaling a compelling shift toward embracing battery-electric vehicles as essential components of modern business operations. Notably, these regions offer incentives to offset initial costs.

Working closely with your Freightliner dealer and Detroit® eConsultants can help you to confidently maximize the incentives available in your region, including those that can be combined, effectively reducing upfront capital costs.

Deciding which routes to electrify can be complex, but by utilizing eConsultants and their wealth of insights, you can make informed choices, ultimately saving you from investing prematurely in solutions that may not align with your fleet’s readiness. eConsultants are available to help you determine your right-size infrastructure by assisting in site selection, ideal chargers, and more.

Although new technology like the eM2 does come with a higher purchase price as well as scaling hurdles, the ultimate reward lies in the future: reduced operating costs.

The eM2 isn't just a vehicle – it’s an investment that can lead the way to long-term resilience and adaptability. It secures a lasting competitive advantage in local distribution, pickup and delivery, food and beverage, and last-mile logistics. As industries evolve, the eM2 leads the way toward a greener, smarter transportation landscape.