Packing More Power into a Smaller Chassis

Freightliner Trucks
Severe Duty Newsletter
A Freightliner 108SD (center), flanked by two 114SDs from Jack Doheny Companies.

Jack Doheny Companies is a leading dealer of vacuum trucks and specialized equipment. For municipal clients, the majority of their business goes to Freightliner for its ease of modification, outstanding dealer network and overall cost-effectiveness.

“Freightliner offers a more economical truck to buy, own and operate, so it gives dealers the ability to be competitive,” said Ryan Rozycki, purchasing manager of Jack Doheny Companies. “From a municipal standpoint, it’s a great value and they get a quality product.”

Easy modifications for maximum horsepower

Freightliner offers up to 380 horsepower with front frame extensions to suit the sewer-vac truck application. First available on the larger 114SD, it is also available on the lighter 108SD, allowing Jack Doheny Companies to meet horsepower needs with a smaller package and save their customers money.

Rozycki said this reduced their modification costs by more than $2,000. In addition, Freightliner created a package for moving the DEF tanks to the passenger side by providing additional hose length so the body builders can relocate tanks more easily.

Cutting costs without sacrificing quality

Although Jack Doheny Companies looks for ways to save their customers money, Rozycki says, “We don’t buy the cheapest chassis out there because we want to provide high quality and great value to our customer.” Freightliner trucks offer excellent comfort and safety features, such as good visibility, strobe light connections and well-placed grab handles, which Rozycki says add value and improve safety.

“Our customers like the cabs because they’re in and out of them all the time and the ergonomics make it possible for them to do that very easily. There’s also a lot of space for toolboxes and supplies.”

Putting customers in good hands

Lastly, Rozycki says they can sell trucks to customers with confidence because of Freightliner’s strong dealer network.

“The dealer footprint allows us to sell a truck and know that the customer will get good service wherever he takes it. It’s a true partnership.”


A Freightliner 108SD sewer vac truck.