Smart Solutions for Finance Roadblocks, Part 2

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Severe Duty Newsletter
“Financing is too expensive.”

Vocational vehicles and their bodies are big investments. There’s no doubt about that. “When we work with customers, we spend a lot of time understanding their business as well as their equipment needs, because of the cost and complexity of vehicles within the vocational industry,” says Glenn Inzinga, vocational/TEM national sales manager, Daimler Truck Financial. “Factors that can impact their business, such as seasonality, contract approvals, economic dips, and production lead time, can help us determine a finance solution that makes business sense.”

Financing the equipment breaks down the investment into smaller payments, making it easier on your bank account. “This can also free up cash reserves,” says Inzinga. “Since we’re specialized in the commercial vehicle industry, we have access to information to show customers the benefits of newer, more productive equipment, which may far outweigh the interest costs associated with financing.”

With so much vocational financing experience, nobody does more to deliver the right financing solution with all the necessary vocational customer requirements than Daimler Truck Financial. No matter what vocational segment you are in, we provide financing that works for you.*

*Eligibility for credit will be determined by DTF’s Credit Team based upon the creditworthiness of each customer.