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Electric Trucks
The world of electric trucks – and our understanding of it – has evolved. Let’s take a look at what’s changed over the last few years, and how the right partner can help you stay on the cutting edge of efficiency and productivity.

Compared to a few years ago, there is a much greater understanding of electric semi trucks and the infrastructure that powers them. But with so many variables involved in going electric, there are still plenty of questions and challenges to overcome.

Let’s take a look at what’s changed in the world of electric trucks, and how the right partner can help you stay on the cutting edge of efficiency and productivity.


The limitations and benefits of EV fleets are coming into sharper focus.

Years ago, a fleet might focus simply on getting an electric semi truck. But today, the popular mindset is increasingly about getting the most out of them; there is a greater understanding of the benefits and limitations that electric trucks provide.

For example, take the topic of range. Many decision-makers are now considering using an electric truck in a diesel fleet where it makes the most sense for them, like on regional or P&D routes, rather than simply replacing a diesel truck with an electric one.

Such a change is a natural progression as electric semis become the technology that moves our world. However, to fully take advantage of EV benefits, you need an expert partner on your side.

eM2 on a P&D route

EV incentives are helping make electric fleets a reality.

The world of electric semi trucks is getting more accessible every day. There is an increasing awareness across the industry of EV incentives, such as:

Utility incentives

In many areas, special EV rates – as opposed to residential or commercial rates, which can be much higher – are still extremely beneficial in helping you form the foundation of your electric vehicle fleet.

TIP: To maximize your infrastructure investment, it’s essential to get your utility company involved in your EV fleet planning process as early as possible.

EV rebates and grants

Federal, state and municipal EV rebates and grants form one of the strongest pillars of the electric vehicle fleet ecosystem, whether you’re deploying one electric truck or building an entire fleet.

TIP: It’s not just essential to know what grants are available; it’s important to understand all the requirements and limitations involved with each one. Fortunately, the right expert can help.


Best practices for electric semi truck charging are becoming clearer.

There’s a greater understanding of demand charges as well – and how important it can be to avoid them by charging at off-peak times. However, there are still a lot of variables to consider.

For example, how fast do you charge your electric semis? How do you adapt to changes in your operations? And how do you make sure that your vehicles are adequately charged when you need them most? While this question may be complex, the answer is simple: You just need a knowledgeable expert.

Electric trucks charging at a charging depot


Knowing what has changed across the industry is only half of the electric semi truck equation. You also need an expert, like Detroit eConsulting, who knows how to help you reach your EV goals – and that journey starts with smart, cutting edge tools.

Detroit eConsulting Route Analysis Tool – Enhancing vehicle efficiency

Identify the ideal use cases for your electric commercial vehicles. The Route Analysis Tool examines factors like road profiles, traffic patterns and your vehicle readiness requirements to optimize efficiency within your electric vehicle fleet.

eRange Prediction Tool – Demystifying routes

Available through Detroit Connect, this soon-to-be-released tool is designed to better understand the charging needs of your routes. Once you input a destination address, you’ll be able to see the starting charge of your vehicles, how much energy will be used en route and where you can charge on the road.

Smart Charging - Optimizing charging infrastructure

This proprietary Daimler tool helps you analyze the power needs of your entire charging depot. By recommending when and how to charge your vehicles most efficiently, it’s designed to reduce you total energy costs, avoid demand charges and maximize vehicle readiness.

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