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We announced the first city to be recognized by Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working Cities in 2017 at the NTEA Work Truck Show in March: Congratulations Des Moines, Iowa.

Des Moines is filled with hard-working citizens who are committed to growth. The finance, insurance, and publishing industries are thriving in Des Moines, but the city also has a large trucking and construction presence. In addition, Des Moines offers its residents affordable housing and short commutes.

Here’s why Des Moines was chosen as a Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working City. It is among the top 10% of cities in North America for employed people per household, among the top 15% of cities in North America for heavy and tractor trailer truck drivers and light truck and delivery, and among the top 20% of cities in North America for average hours worked, construction employment, growth in total employment rate, and contribution to GDP.

We’ll be hitting the road this April 23 – 26 to pay the hard-working residents of Des Moines a visit. Our trip will include surprise, pop-up Hardest Working Cities events at job sites that will include much-needed coffee breaks and free swag for the workers of Des Moines to wear with pride.

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