What it’s like to Drive the eCascadia: 5 Most Surprising Features

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Think you know electric trucks? Learn about the Freightliner eCascadia’s 5 most surprising features – and what puts it at the front of the pack in the zero-emissions race to innovate.

Think you know electric trucks? Chances are, you probably do. They’ve been blazing trails in the transportation industry long enough to be familiar to those who pay attention.

But with so many innovations happening in the world of zero emissions, electric commercial trucks still have plenty of surprises in tow. In fact, the eCascadia has a few of its own. Check out the 5 most surprising ones below.

Electric that hauls.

How can an electric truck and trailer with a combined weight of up to 82,000 lbs.* be propelled at highway speeds by a battery pack? It’s a question that’s on the minds of many first-time electric truck drivers. Here’s what Ralph, a driver for Veritiv, had to say:

“You see all the weight, you have to wonder ‘how does a battery pull all this?’ I was amazed.”
- Ralph, driver for Veritiv

In the eCascadia, there’s a lot of powerful, finely tuned engineering that’s responsible for moving it forward. Along with a cutting-edge Detroit ePowertrain and e-motor, the 475 kWh battery in the eCascadia can create plenty of power to move real, heavy loads.

*GVW for the eCascadia

The DNA of a lightning bolt.

Torque – and the rapid acceleration it can provide – is probably the most impressive aspect of an electric truck to someone experiencing one for the first time. The eCascadia is no exception, and Ralph, the Veritiv driver, thought so as well.

“Compared to a diesel, it’s really quick. With the diesel there’s a lot of shifting gears which takes time and lags, but the EV just goes.”

With a two-speed transmission that applies continuous torque to the motor from a standstill, the eCascadia leaves old EV stereotypes in the dust.

The longest range of any electric commercial truck.

“Ok, but how far can it go?” you might be thinking. It’s a valid consideration for anyone curious about how electric commercial trucks factor into real-world fleets. But the eCascadia puts up numbers that might make you reevaluate what’s possible with an electric truck.


With up to 250 miles of range – the longest of any class-8 electric commercial truck operating in a customer fleet – and the ability to recharge 80% in 90 minutes, the eCascadia has enough of a long game to deliver for today’s fleets. It’s ideal for operations that send trucks into a large geographic area and have them return each day to a central charging depot. When it comes to real-world delivery applications, the eCascadia gets the job done – and more.

Easy to maintain? Check, check...and check.

You might know that electric trucks are easier to maintain than fossil fuel-powered trucks. But here’s something you might not have thought about: trip inspections can be quicker with electric trucks, too. Monica, a fleet manager at Veritiv, observed this about the eCascadia:


“Oh, [the trip inspections] are easier. No diesel, no oil, no DEF – much easier.”
- Monica, fleet manager at Veritiv

While fewer moving parts and fluids to check are the norm for all electric commercial trucks, the eCascadia is a prime example of keeping operations simple. And with greater simplicity comes greater efficiency.

Bold innovation that’s familiar, too.

You’d think that since an electric truck is different, it would be different all around. That’s just not the case with the eCascadia. There are a lot of familiar comforts in the cab and similar, easy-to-understand controls in the dash.


The eCascadia is built to haul, and nothing helps drivers do that better than the comfort of cab controls that just make sense. It’s the perfect amount of familiarity to complement the all-new experience of smooth, no-noise driving.

Power up your EV knowledge.

Whether you’re an electric commercial truck rookie, a seasoned expert or somewhere in between, there’s always more to know about the future of EV transportation.

Contact your dealer to learn more about pre-ordering the eCascadia. Or if you have questions about planning for an EV fleet, our electric vehicle consultants can help you get started today with a free consultation.