What Makes Freightliner Trucks the Most Comfortable Heavy Duty Trucks

Freightliner Trucks

Vehicle comfort is an essential element that must be considered when it is time to buy new trucks. Comfort is not just a matter of pleasure. It is a factor that indicates if the vehicle can be driven for hours without causing any physical problems. Expensive health problems like backaches, hip issues, and other conditions arise after spending many hours driving uncomfortable trucks. Therefore, investing in comfortable heavy duty trucks results in drivers that are 100% focused on the road and less downtime.

One of the reasons drivers prefer Freightliner trucks is that they are one of the most comfortable heavy duty trucks as well as the most efficient vehicles on the market. What makes Freightliner trucks the most comfortable heavy duty trucks? Enhanced lighting, visors, seating, cab equipment, and sleeping quarters are some of the comfort features that Freightliner vehicles offer.

The lighting in our cabs and sleepers keeps drivers safe both on and off the clock. Owner/operators can utilize personal driver and passenger seat lights, a work and map light, and dome lights on either side of the bed and on the ceiling in between the cab and sleeper.

Exterior sun visors ensure that the sun does not distract owner/operators.  Drivers that can clearly see the road are the only type of driver that should be on the road, and our visors ensure that the sun is not a blinding distraction.

Seats can make the difference between a tired driver and a focused driver. Seats on the Cascadia and other Freightliner models are two inches bigger than the standard and have plenty of room between them. Optional upgrades include seat heating, swivel, and a three-way bolster.

To offer comfortable heavy duty trucks, you must have a state-of-the-art cab. Freightliner trucks have tilting, telescoping steering wheels that allow each driver to get the most ergonomic placement. The truck cabs are also quiet and feature easy-to-use dash instruments.

Freightliner knows how important it is for owner/operators to be able to sleep in their trucks. The walls of the cab are curved and stiff to reduce vibration noise. Noise-dampening insulation makes it even quieter. A 40″-wide, 80″-long plush mattress contributes to the comfort and makes it easy to sleep with no fear of waking up with a stiff back.

All of these enhancements work together to keep owner/operators comfortable and alert during their trips. To learn more about our comfortable heavy duty trucks and how they will help your company save money over time, just contact us. Our dealers are prepared to discuss all of the benefits that these comfortable heavy duty trucks have to offer.