Uptime Management Suite

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Uptime Management Suite offers a bundle of service technology that helps improve the accuracy of repair needs, provides real-time tracking of vehicle repair status and minimizes downtime to get your truck back on the road.

Express Writeup

With the help of a mobile app, Express WriteUp provides a better way to create repair orders and estimates because they are performed at the vehicle to speed decision making. Express WriteUp also provides a better customer experience to help improve efficiency and convenience.

Service Tracker

Service Tracker is a web-based application for any customer and is used for streamlining communications with our service network and real-time tracking of their vehicles as they progress through the service experience – from estimate ready to vehicle ready.

Service Tracker reduces wait time for approving estimates and provides customized repair status notifications.


Techlane® is an advanced application used by service technicians. It pulls together the essential information needed for a technician to more efficiently diagnose and repair a truck in one central online location.

Uptime Pro

Uptime Pro is a state-of-the-art management software that helps service at a dealer location run at peak efficiency with transparency and coordination that keeps everyone in the loop and provides visibility into progress, status and needs.

Uptime Performance 

Uptime Performance enables dealers to understand the customer’s view of their efficiency. Each of our Elite Support certified dealerships employs Continuous Improvement Coordinators (CIC) whose main job is to measure their performance and keep improving the customer experience. The reporting provided shows the CIC: