Cascadia® Natural Gas


Specs & Resources

400 HP
Up to 1450 lb-ft
60,600 lbs.
80,000 lbs.

Cascadia Natural Gas Sell Sheet
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Fuel Efficiency

Cleaner-Burning Fuel

The Cascadia natural gas delivers near-zero emissions and with its advanced aerodynamic design is both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly

Save at the Pump

On average, natural gas fuel is less expensive than diesel fuel, translating into significant fuel-cost savings for your fleet.

Efficiency through Aerodynamics

The optimally designed hood,  grille, mirrors and bumper along with upper door seal and 12 inch side extenders provide aerodynamic enhancements intended to reduce overall drag and improve fuel economy.



Keeping Drivers Safe on the Road

Advanced active and passive safety systems help drivers mitigate or avoid collisions.

Focusing on the Road Ahead

A large, one-piece windshield, a sloped hood and one-piece door glass allow for optimal visibility.

LED Headlights Brighten the Way

The Cascadia LED headlight system delivers an impressive field of view in nighttime and bad weather conditions with its exceptional bright white light.



A New Level of Quality

Stepping into your Cascadia, you can be assured that it has been designed, tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards, maximizing productivity and profitability and lowering your Real Cost of Ownership.

Reliability Comes Standard

New techniques in robotics, manufacturing tools and post-assembly testing assure each and every Cascadia is of the highest quality when it leaves our factory. With Freightliner, longevity and reliability come standard.

Engineered with Dependability and Precision

High quality construction and durable materials help Freightliner trucks hold their value for years to come.


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