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Freightliner Trucks Extended Coverage

Immediate Peace of Mind: Achieved from Day One, with Freightliner

Extended Coverage from Freightliner helps protect your most important business asset: your bottom line.  

With a broad choice of customizable coverage options, Freightliner’s OEM-backed Extended Coverage helps you minimize out-of-pocket costs by locking in today’s parts and labor prices for tomorrow’s repairs.  

Our Extended Coverage also protects your bottom line by reducing downtime. With pre-approved warranty work, you’ll get back on the road quicker and hassle-free, minimizing lost revenue for your business. There are no claim caps, deductibles, or limits of liability and all work is performed by certified Freightliner and Detroit technicians.  

After reviewing the base warranty coverage for your newly purchased truck, take some time to consider which of our Extended Coverages fit your specific business needs and application for continued protection.

Extended Truck Chassis Coverage 

For those who are looking to extend their Freightliner truck’s protection beyond the base warranty period, Extended Truck Chassis Coverage (TC) provides a smart solution for you. 

Coverage plans are offered from basic to comprehensive (TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4), allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your business needs and application. Coverage limits range from 2 to 7 years and provide protection from 100,000 up to 600,000 miles (161,000 to 966,000 kilometers).  

Choosing extended coverage for your truck chassis is a smart investment for controlling repair and labor costs, and for mitigating the risk of unplanned expenditures for related components. After all, only a few truck failures can pay for the most comprehensive Extended Truck Chassis Coverage (TC4). 

Extended Engine Coverage 

Extended Coverage for Detroit components helps reduce unexpected costs and achieve peace-of-mind. Whether you need minor service tomorrow or major repairs in three years, Extended Coverage for your Freightliner’s Detroit components helps protect your most important investment. 

Extended Coverage for Detroit Engines is offered in a progressive structure (EW1, EW2, EW3, EW4), giving you the choice of basic to comprehensive coverage plans. With multiple time and distances available, up to seven years or 750,000 miles (1,207,500 km) for on-highway and vocational applications, there is a suitable option available for you.  

Extended coverage from Detroit® is also available for the DT12® transmission, Detroit® clutch, and Detroit® axles.  

Extended NEXT Truck Chassis Coverage 

Are you interested in extending truck chassis coverage for your Freightliner truck? Add Extended Next Truck Chassis Coverage to your active TC coverage to protect your investment longer.

This coverage option is intended for fleets and owner operators currently covered by our TC1, TC2, TC3 or TC4 extended coverage plans. With two Extended NEXT Truck Chassis plans, you have the choice of upgrading, downgrading, or keeping a similar level of coverage as your current TC plan. You also have the option of adding another 1 year/125,000 miles (201,250 km) or 2 years/250,000 miles (402,500 km) of protection for your truck.  

Extended NEXT Detroit Engine Coverage 

Are you interested in a longer Extended Coverage for your Detroit Engine? Extended NEXT coverage for Detroit Engines provides additional OEM protection to help keep you on the road.   

This coverage is intended for fleets and owner-operators with an active Detroit coverage plan (EW1, EW2, EW3, EW4). With three Detroit Extended NEXT Engine packages offered, you’re able to upgrade, downgrade, or keep a similar level of coverage as your current EW plan. You can opt into an extra 1 year/125,000  miles (201,250 km) or 2 years/250,000 miles (402,500 km) of coverage. Towing coverage is included in all three plans. 

Extended OPTIMUM™ for Used Trucks

Extended OPTIMUM is an OEM-backed extended coverage intended for customers without an active base warranty or with expired extended truck chassis coverage. 

With options such as a Freightliner Truck Chassis and Detroit Engine bundle, just engine or chassis, or other coverages (Towing, DT12® Transmission + Detroit®Axles), you can build the perfect package for your specific business needs. 

Coverage options include 1 year/125,000 miles (201,250 km) or 2 years/250,000 miles (402,500 km) of coverage to protect your Freightliner truck. 

This OEM-backed coverage is designed by the pros who built your truck.We know how hard you run your truck and we don't enforce claim caps, deductibles, or coverage limits like 3rd party warranty companies.  Don’t drive another unprotected mile! 

For more details, please contact your local Freightliner dealer.

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