Seamless Alignment of Technology - Freightliner Trucks

Seamless alignment of technology with responsive customer relationships clearly communicates why Freightliner is the best-selling brand of heavy-duty trucks in North America and one of the most respected names in the industry, with trucks engineered for customer profit in mind.

In addition to its class-8, on-highway tractor-trailer trucks, Freightliner offers vocational (medium- and severe-duty) and alternative-power vehicles like compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. It also offers truck customization and pre-delivery inspections (PDIs). 

Freightliner marks its 75th anniversary in 2017. While its history is integral to the brand, Freightliner remains future-focused, always advancing new technologies and leading the industry through innovation. A continuing emphasis on quality through innovation intersects perfectly with our ongoing, technologically inspired, passionate drive to create the best-of-the-best commercial trucks on the road, today and tomorrow. 

Our industry-leading, big-picture value, for fleets and owner/operators alike, is built on twin pillars of quality and innovation. This foundation becomes evident in several key areas, particularly in an unflagging commitment to lowering Real Cost of Ownership (RCO) for every customer; a dedication to cutting-edge, technologically advanced engineering; and a keen awareness of driver experience. As our comprehensive evaluation of hard and soft costs over a truck’s lifetime, RCO determines its real value to a customer’s business.

Freightliner Trucks does more than any other commercial truck manufacturer to integrate critical truck, driver and business factors to help trucking companies achieve maximum profitability. There are plenty of reasons that Freightliner can proudly say: We don’t just build trucks. We build businesses.