3 rock-solid reasons to choose the truck with North America’s lightest heavy-duty engine

114Sd Ng Blue Loader 1000X1000
From power and efficiency to durability and comfort, there are a million reasons to love the Freightliner® 114SD with the Cummins X12™ engine.

In the interest of time, we’ll hit the top three.

  1. The lightest heavy-duty engine in North America lets you haul more. Tipping the scales with a dry weight of only 2,050 pounds, the Cummins X12 is up to 600 pounds lighter than other medium-bore products in the 10-13L space. Which means your truck can haul more in weight-sensitive applications like concrete mixers boosting your productivity—and your profitability.
  2. It’s packed with get-it-done power. The fact that the Cummins X12 weighs less doesn’t make it a lightweight in the power department. With up to 500 HP and 1700 lb-ft of torque, this innovative engine helps you power through the toughest jobs.
  3. More driver comforts. More productivity. The Freightliner 114SD offers an incredible combination of durability and comfort, working hard to keep your drivers comfortable while they work hard for you. With features like an automotive-style interior built for driver comfort, a corrosion-resistant steel-reinforced aluminum cab rigorously tested for the most demanding jobs, and a 2500 square-inch windshield for greater worksite visibility, the 114SD gets the job done right day in and day out.

The 114SD and the Cummins X12 make a game-changing duo to help you increase your payload while delivering substantial savings over the lifetime of your vehicle.