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Curry Supply Company knows a thing or two about working hard. As a third-generation truck equipment manufacturer (TEM), the company has been cutting, grinding and welding metal since 1932.
Curry Supply specializes in building work trucks for some of the most demanding heavy equipment rental customers in North America—and to do it, they use a lot of Freightliner M2 106.
The #1 medium-duty truck in North America.

Curry Supply uses the #1 best-selling medium-duty truck in North America* to build exactly what their rental customers need. According to Curry Supply owner Jason Ritchey, customers demand three things: reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. And over the last 15 years, Curry Supply has been building on Freightliner trucks to deliver all three—and more.

Another key benefit of the M2 106 is its versatility. For Curry Supply, it’s the perfect platform for adding any type of truck equipment, from dump bodies to flatbeds to crash attenuators. With clear back-of-cab frame rails, a variety of exhaust packages and the ability to support a range of chassis-mounted equipment, the M2 106 is the go-to choice for creating a specialized medium-duty truck that can take on any job.

Built to pound the pavement. Or dirt. Or gravel.

Work trucks don’t just have to get the job done. They have to get the job done every day, year after year. That’s a challenge in the equipment rental market—and it’s one that Curry Supply feels up to solving with Freightliner at their side. Marc LaBorde, director of rental sales, knows a lot about how hard the rental market can be on trucks.

“The rental industry is one of those that you don't know where the truck's going. You don't know where it's going to end up…Customers have no ownership of it, it's like a rental car so they're going to beat it up.”

Despite all the challenges in the space, Marc values the M2 106 for its ability to last and the strength of the Freightliner name.

“[The M2 106 is] a durable truck, [it’s] reliable. You don't have the downtime issues that you do with some other OEMs and [Freightliner stands] behind their product.” For Curry Supply, the bottom line is that the M2 106 stands up to whatever their heavy equipment rental customers—and their customers—can throw at it.

Durability and power, inside and out.

Freightliner Trucks are built to last, and that includes what’s under the hood. Curry Supply chooses Detroit® DD5™ and DD8™ engines for the M2 106 trucks they upfit. The DD8 has been especially popular for its ability to take on the rigorous conditions and heavy use common in the rental market.

Curry Supply’s customers also like Detroit engines for their power. When compared with other OEM engines, many of their customers note a big difference in pulling, towing and hauling capability. In addition, Detroit engines are their go-to choice for their fuel economy, service intervals and variable cam-phasing technology—a feature that improves the aftertreatment system and reduces time-consuming regens.

Maintenance made easy.

Curry Supply’s rental customers also value the M2 106 for its ease of maintenance. With Detroit Connect Virtual Technician®remote diagnostic system, companies can get a glimpse into how customers use their vehicles. Virtual Technician also enables customers to know about and promptly address any mechanical issues that come up. According to Marc, “Detroit Connect® has really enabled [rental customers] to keep tabs on what their customers are doing with the trucks, day in and day out. They're seeing if it's getting service, seeing if it's getting a PM and if any fault codes that are coming up that are being ignored, they'll be aware of it.”

Of course, it’s one thing to know something needs to be fixed. Fixing it is another story. But with Freightliner’s 24-hour support and one of the largest dealer networks in the industry, Curry Supply’s customers get the service they need to keep their trucks up and running strong.

The M2 106. Always ready—for anything.

Versatility. Durability. Reliability. All backed by top-tier service and the power of the Freightliner name. For Curry Supply, the M2 106 with a Detroit engine is the perfect platform for doing what they do best: creating trucks that can stand up to any job, day after day.

Ready to explore all the possibilities Freightliner has to offer? Learn more about the M2 106 to take on any challenge your industry demands.


*Based on Polk new truck registrations in U.S. & Canada for class 6-7 vehicles from 2012-2019.