How Real Cost of Ownership Results in Trucks with the Best Fuel Economy

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Fuel Efficiency

How Does Real Cost of Ownership Result in Trucks with the Best Fuel Economy?

Luckily for owner/ operators, the demand to move products and goods across is on the rise. However, with this demand comes the need for businesses to find trucks with the best fuel economy. Many owners/operators are under pressure to streamline some of their business operations. By evaluating Real Cost of Ownership, they can ensure that the costs that are associated with their truck are as low as possible. It is important for owner/operators to gain an understanding of Real Cost of Ownership and the effect it can have on their bottom line.

Fuel Efficiency

A major component of Real Cost of Ownership is fuel efficiency. Freightliner can provide trucks with the best fuel economy thanks to our best-in-class design and aerodynamics. For example, with the Cascadia Evolution we are able to provide a truck with a 7% fuel economy increase compared to the first-generation Cascadia. Factors such as our Detroit® DT12® automated manual transmission, alternative fuel, and lightweight all work together to create trucks with the best fuel economy.


Tools such as Detroit Connect® telematics, Detroit Connect Virtual Technician®, visibility fleet software, and an on-board tablet allows owner/operators and fleet managers to be more in tune with their trucks than ever before. These advanced technologies allow you to view data regarding everything from engine repair to location.


We offer 36 safety features in our Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution and have taken the time to design a noise-minimizing cab that meets European and FMCSA requirements.


We put our trucks through a rigorous testing process so that we can be confident that our vehicles allow you to achieve the lowest possible Real Cost of Ownership. Manufacturing technology, robotics and automated systems, and only the highest quality construction and materials allow us to offer a vehicle that will pay for itself time and time again.


With over 400 dealership/parts and service locations, more than 120 of which are Elite Support Certified, Freightliner provides ones of the most robust support footprints available. We know that Real Cost of Ownership cannot exist if your trucks are not up and running, so we do everything possible to keep them on the road.

We know there are several truck options on the market. However, when it comes to finding the lowest operational costs, fuel efficiency, and maintenance costs, there is only one clear choice. Choose Freightliner to achieve trucks with the best fuel economy thanks to our Real Cost of Ownership focus.

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