How to Achieve Optimal Plow Truck Uptime

Freightliner Trucks
Vocational Trucks

When purchasing any vocational vehicle, uptime is a high priority. Plow trucks are no exception. Freightliner recognized that time is money, and that is why we put a plan in place to ensure that each business gets the most out of their plow trucks.

Our strategy for optimal uptime in our plow trucks includes maneuverability, extreme weather protection, an easy upfit process, and convenient service options.


Maneuverability is a crucial component of our plow truck’s uptime performance. Our plow trucks come equipped with an unmatched 50-degree wheel cut. What does that mean for your bottom line? Less need for drivers or owner/operators to back up, reducing the risk of an accident. The less accidents our plow trucks have, the more time they spend making you money on a job site.

Extreme Weather Protection

Our snow plow trucks face some harsh conditions, but we have prepared our trucks to ensure that these conditions do not impact you truck’s uptime. We offer options such as an air intake snow shield, a crossmember for wing plow support and extreme climate thermal cab insulation can keep your plow truck and drivers on the road, no matter what mother nature throws your way.

Easy Upfit

Freightliner is intentional about making our upfit process as simple as possible, while still making sure our trucks can get the job done. This process helps vocational trucks to become high-performance plowing machines. Our dealers work diligently to make sure that your plow truck’s configurations are perfect for the truck’s specific task. Additionally, Freightliner Trucks collaborates with truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs) to develop chassis with clear back-of-cab options that TEMs can upfit with ease. For you, this means a reduction in time and costs.

Efficient Service

Although Freightliner takes every possible measure to create plow trucks that stay on the road as long as possible, every truck will need to be serviced from time to time. However, since we know that time is money for our customers, we offer a variety of service options to allow you to get your plow trucks back on the road quickly. There are hundreds of service locations staffed with factory-certified technicians. This network includes more than 400 dealership with parts and service locations, 149 of which are Elite Support Certified. Elite Support Certified dealerships maximize uptime by providing you a repair timeline within two hours, ensuring all technicians receive continual education, meet 135 customer service criteria monitored by Freightliner, and have enhanced parts availability all while providing amenities that allow you to wait for your truck comfortably.