Seat & Cab Improvements Included in Comfortable Heavy Duty Trucks

Freightliner Trucks

Owner/operators often purchase Freightliner trucks because not only are they one of the most comfortable heavy duty trucks available, they are also some of the most durable. Seat and cab improvements include some of the most important features of our comfortable heavy duty trucks.

Seat Enhancements

Just like with cars, seat design and features make a big difference between a tiring day and a pleasant one. For example, seats on the Cascadia are two inches larger than typical truck seats and are spaced to allow plenty of room between them. Freightliner also offers optional upgrades include seat heating, swivel, and a three-way bolster.

Improved Cab Features

The 114SD has become known as one of the most comfortable heavy duty trucks in the industry, thanks to its automotive-style wing dash and spacious cab interior. These cab design improvements allow each driver to get the most ergonomics possible. The trucks’ cabs are also quiet, allowing the owner/operator to stay focused on the road and the job site. The seat and cab options available in Freightliner’s comfortable heavy duty trucks work together to keep drivers comfortable and alert while on the road. They also help reduce pain, stiffness and posture problems so that owner/operators can continue to do their jobs without suffering debilitating injuries.

To learn more about the comfort of Freightliner trucks and the effect that these features have on your bottom line, contact us.