The 5 Sub-Segments of Vocational Trucks

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Vocational Trucks

To Freightliner Trucks, “going the long-haul” means a lot more than building class-leading trucks. It means embarking on an ambitious plan to become the leader across all of the sub-segments of vocational trucks, which includes heavy hauling, utility, food and beverage, construction and garbage trucks. According, Freightliner Trucks set its sights on Navistar International which led by 25 points in market share in 2009. Today, Freightliner can proudly boast its lead in the vocational truck market, even after navigating a rough economic downturn. Here is how Freightliner became the leader in each of the vocational sub-segments:

Heavy Haul Trucks

Strength and durability are crucial when hauling loads or moving equipment. That is why we built our heavy haul trucks to perform in some of the toughest places on earth. For example, the 122SD is sturdy but adaptable.

Utility Trucks

Visibility is critically important for operators, especially for utility trucks. That’s why Freightliner wanted to improve safety and functionality by focusing on maximizing visibility on its vocational models.

Food and Beverage Trucks

In the highly competitive market of food and beverage trucks, clients look especially for fuel efficiency. Freightliner not only improved fuel economy in every model in the food and beverage segment but also looked at the ease-of-maintenance to further improve clients’ cost of ownership. With a tighter-turning radius, those local deliveries become less difficult to navigate with the Freightliner M2 106 or Cascadia.

Construction Trucks

Freightliner developed our construction trucks with toughness and productivity in mind. We pride ourselves on providing construction trucks that are ready for any task, such as the 114SD that is made with only the most durable components.

Garbage Trucks

The waste management industry continues to grow and the trash hauler market is growing with it. In the garbage truck segment, durability is key for trucks that get a lot of stop-and-go use. Operators are frequently in and out of the cab and need a low step-in to maintain efficient route times. Freightliner also knew that a tight turning radius is necessary for trash haulers to make it through neighborhood streets. Once again the M2 106 is a perfect choice.

If you are in need of the best vocational truck on the road, contact us and find out why Freightliner is the leader in the vocational truck market.