Zero Emissions, Maximum Work: The Freightliner eM2

Electric Trucks
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Introducing the Freightliner® eM2: a medium-duty truck inspired by North America’s best-selling truck, the M2, and built on a global Daimler Truck platform. This emission-free electric box truck features industry-leading connectivity and safety technology from Detroit. With its advanced features and impressive performance, the eM2 expands the Daimler Truck electric portfolio to further address customer needs.

The Detroit ePowertrain: The Heart of the eM2

The eM2 is an electric box truck built on Detroit’s legacy of powertrain innovation. It closely resembles the familiar and trusted M2, but with an electric powertrain replacing the traditional axle internal combustion engine (ICE).

The eM2 features a fully integrated, 100% battery-electric Detroit® ePowertrain™, including Detroit® eAxles and batteries, achieving the best possible energy efficiency and minimizing cost per mile. Multiple battery size options are available, allowing you to find the right balance between range and price:

The seamless integration of powertrain technology allows for maximum fleet efficiency, giving you the power to do more with electric.

Electrification Made Easy

Transitioning to electric vehicles is about more than buying a new truck. It’s a process that requires careful planning and support. That’s why Detroit offers industry-leading expertise that makes electrification more approachable.

Detroit® eConsulting services consist of a dedicated team to help you plan ahead, whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to go electric. From selecting a site and deploying charging stations to navigating rebates and incentives, Detroit eConsultants can help you plan everything you need.

Detroit eConsultants can also introduce you to the powerfully efficient line of Detroit® eFill Chargers that are purpose-built specifically for commercial electric vehicles to seamlessly integrate with your electric trucks. With their premier warranty, our eFill chargers provide the best value on the market for power, efficiency and durability.

At Freightliner, we support your fleet with our extensive dealer network, which is #1 within the U.S. We have ten distribution centers across North America, ensuring that we can get you the right part when and where you need it. We also offer a dedicated delivery service that can deliver 90% of parts orders within 12 hours. With our reliable and efficient support, you can focus on the important task of running your business – while we take care of the rest.

Seamless Integration

The eM2 is designed with seamless integration in mind, making it easier than ever for fleet managers and drivers to incorporate electric box trucks in their daily operations. From charging to fleet management, the eM2 provides a highly integrated experience. 

Enhanced Driver Comfort

The eM2 is designed to provide an intuitive in-cab experience. The truck’s interior features a modern digital dash and an easy-to-use touch-screen interface, allowing operators to have the tools they need, whether they’re on the road or a jobsite.

The eM2 also offers exceptional driver comfort, with minimal cab vibration and no diesel fumes like in a traditional diesel truck. It provides a work environment that can help reduce driver fatigue and improve driver health as well as minimize turnover.

Advanced Connectivity

The eM2 is equipped with advanced connectivity features from Detroit Connect® that allow fleet managers to monitor vehicle performance in real time.

Detroit Connect allows fleet managers to have charging information and vehicle health data available at their fingertips. Detroit Connect’s new eServices allow for fleet managers to:

These connectivity features not only allow fleet managers to seamlessly operate their fleets, but also allow drivers to stay up to date with operations and focus on the road ahead.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is a top priority at Freightliner, and the eM2 is no exception. It comes standard with the Detroit Assurance® Suite of Safety Systems, which sets the standard for safety in the commercial vehicle industry with a range of smart, tech-forward features, including:

The eM2 offers solutions for pickup and delivery and last-mile logistics today and plans to offer solutions for work trucks tomorrow

Currently, there are a handful of vocational development vehicles on the road, and customers can expect to be able to order a production model in the near future. The eM2 can be especially useful in utility applications because it allows for reduced noise on the jobsite and no localized air pollution, creating a healthier and more enjoyable working environment.

As a leader in the heavy- and medium-duty truck market, Freightliner is dedicated to driving progress and innovation. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we are excited to introduce the eM2 truck to the open roads. With its advanced technology and driver-friendly design, the eM2 is playing a vital role in promoting sustainable transportation and a cleaner, quieter future. We are proud to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and drive their businesses, while also leading the way to a better world.

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