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Upfitting trucks for the most demanding jobs

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Medium-Duty Trucks
Curry Supply Company knows a thing or two about working hard. As a third-generation truck equipment manufacturer (TEM), the company has been cutting, grinding and welding metal since 1932.

The work truck that lives up to the name.

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#1 Medium Duty Truck: The smart choice for your fleet

Medium-Duty Trucks
The Freightliner® M2 106 truck, powered by the Detroit® DD8™ engine, provides a productive, long-term addition to municipal and government fleets. A range of financing options can help organizations put the #1 best-selling medium-duty truck in North America to work—today.

5 Reasons to Power Your Jobsite with a Freightliner Dump Truck

Vocational Trucks

5 Stone-Cold Reasons to Fight Winter with Freightliner Snowplows


Four Reasons Your Business Could Benefit from North America’s #1 Best-Selling Medium-Duty Truck.


This truck doesn’t just take your drivers from A to B.

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Medium-Duty Trucks
It takes your business further.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs North America’s Best-selling Medium Duty Truck

Medium-Duty Trucks
114Sd Ng Blue Loader 1000X1000

3 rock-solid reasons to choose the truck with North America’s lightest heavy-duty engine

From power and efficiency to durability and comfort, there are a million reasons to love the Freightliner® 114SD with the Cummins X12™ engine.

Behind the Scenes of the Cascadia® Fuel Efficiency Tour

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Danny Borski is the manager of fuel consumption testing at Freightliner Trucks. Here’s an inside look at how the fuel efficiency tour for the Cascadia was developed, conducted, and reported.